Wiltshire Local Dental Committee

Please contact us with your details, using the contact form to receive a password giving access to all of the information on this website. This is available for all dentists practising in the Wiltshire and Swindon area.

What Are Local Dental Committees?

Established in 1948: LDCs, along with Local Medical, Optical and Pharmaceutical Committees, are Statutory Committees and were established at the inception of the National Health Service.

The NHS Act 1977 and The 1999 Health Act: Section 45B of The 1977 NHS Act, as modified by the 1999 Health Act, enabled Health Authorities to consult with LDCs on matters of local dental interest.

NHS Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002: This allowed PCTs to recognise LDCs, who can represent one or more PCT area.

The Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003: The amendments introduced in this Act did not materially alter the previous legislative framework, but updated it to take account of GDS contracts, PDS agreements and PCT dental services (PCTDS).

Wiltshire LDC amended its constitution in 2002 and again in 2006, so that it could continue to represent dentists in the geographical area of Wiltshire and Swindon.

Why are LDCs needed and what do they do?

Why Are LDCs Needed?

LDCs are in contact with local GDPs

They have regular contact with NHS England Area Team (AT)

They are the bridge between local and national negotiators

They understand the importance of national frameworks in local situations

What Does the LDC NOT Do?

The LDC does NOT promote and support new NHS contractual arrangements to GDPs.

What Does The LDC Do?

Gives advice to the AT

Feedback to BDA

Nominates members to Statutory Committees

Represents, supports and advises GDPs on:
  • Changes to regulations
  • Availability of funding
  • Guidelines on treatment and referrals
  • Complaints
  • Contracts
  • PASS
CPD Courses

Liase with other LRCs and patient groups

Represent GDS to Media and Politicians

Raise funds


Wiltshire LDC raises funds by means of Voluntary and Statutory Levies.

The Voluntary Levy

The Voluntary Levy is used to fund the following organisations:

Dentists Health Support Programme: a national programme to rehabilitate dentists with a health or addiction problem.

BDA Benevolent Fund: a fund to support the families of dentists who, due to no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times.

British Dental Guild: an organisation to pay representatives of the GDPC (our national negotiators), who are practising dentists, loss of income and practice expenses when they take time out from their practices to represent general dental practitioners in many forums, including:
  • Education/CPD, Peer Review & Audit
  • VTS
  • GDS NHS Fees
  • PDS
  • Pensions and Superannuation

The Statutory Levy

The Statutory Levy is collected from all dentists with a primary contract and can be used for LDC expenses, such as meeting expenses or loss of earning expenses for members attending meetings with the authorities during working hours.

Wiltshire Local Dental Committee

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